The Digital Bank for The Digital Economy.

Enabling you to Do More with your money online, instantly and at low fees.

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Benkiko wallet

At a fraction of the usual fees.

Use Benkiko to pay, get paid, send and receive money online, instantly or share a Payment link to receive payment via WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and other Messaging apps. Tip your favorite content creator or contribute to a community cause easily.

Benkiko account

Get your digital bank account in minutes.

Open your account in less than a minute and get your digital lifestyle going.

Benkiko P2P Exchange

No more personal contacts.

Protect your privacy by using a Username instead of sharing your personal number or emails.

Benkiko P2P Exchange

P2P Deposits and Withdrawals.

To deposit, buy USDB via mobile money, fintech app or your preferred bank. Sell your USDB balance to withdraw.

Send on Benkiko

Send and pay at low fees.

Send to family and friends or pay for goods and services without breaking your bank, *literally.

Request on Benkiko

Share payment requests.

Simply share a Request link or generate a QR code to receive money directly to your account.

Scan with Benkiko

Scan to Send and Pay.

Digital is fast. So should sending money and paying for goods and services. Scan and pay on the go.

Benkiko Finance
Digital Payments

Participate in the Digital Economy.

Benkiko makes it easy for you to pay and get paid online for goods and services. With Benkiko, Do business online with peace of mind or monetize your skill.

  • Send and receive money.
  • Pay online shops.
  • Pay for services or sell your skills online.
  • Tip content creators.
Benkiko Finance

Create, own and trade digital assets.

Create, own and trade digital assets that could be representing community currencies, fan/celebrity tokens, company securities, ownership rights and so much more use cases.

Sell, buy, exchange and hold any asset of choice which can also be used to pay for goods and services anywhere across the globe.

Benkiko Finance

Transfer to cash or other crypto ecosystems.

Deposit and withdraw to cash or to other crypto ecosystems.

Connect with other ecosystems outside Benkiko;

  • $Cash and your bank or mobile money account.
  • $BTC and The Bitcoin Ecosystem.
  • $ETH and The Ethereum Ecosystem.
  • $BNB and The Binance Ecosystem.
Benkiko Finance

All the power on your fingertips.

Today a new opportunity exists, where value can be exchanged between 2 people, as easily as information can be exchanged.

Digital tokens allow you to own a piece of a digitally tradable value. You can now keep track of the value you exchange on a truly global scale without banks.

Do more. Online. Without borders.

Take advantage of the digital space. Create value, Co-own, transfer money, and let us handle the exchange for you.

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